About Minion Vapes: Made by Vapers, For Vapers.

Minion Vapes is an independent, artisan e-liquid producer specialising in High VG (subohm) Liquids and based in North Lancashire, UK. Although Minion Vapes only officially found its feet on 31/01/2016, it has already been the recipient of rave reviews on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook social media sites.

Minion Vapes is the brainchild of one woman who has had a love affair with vaping since early 2013. Our principles are simple: We don't believe that you need spend a fortune in order to attain gourmet flavour profiles, handmade should mean handmade and if we don't like it - we won't sell it.

All our liquids are hand measured, mixed and steeped in no more than 1 litre batches. All liquids are made with the highest quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients sourced from UK manufacturers. Liquids are hand mixed and bottled in our purpose dedicated clean room.

If you have any specific requirements, such as being PG intolerant, you can contact us either via our Facebook page or email address below: